Ivan Hurt, YouTuber, Email Developer, Resume Writer

YouTuber, Email Developer, & Resume Writer

My name is Ivan Hurt. I'm a YouTuber offering career advice to Email Developers. I'm also Email Developer and Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW).

I've been writing tech resumes since 2008 and let me next email developer tech resume easier by hiring me to write it for you.

  • Insider Knowledge

    Let me be your Google search engine with my 10+ years of writing tech resumes and get noticed by recruiters and hiring manager

  • Don't Explain Your Tech Stack

    You don't need to expain to me what an email developer does because I am one in my current job. I know the technical jargon.

  • Buy With Confidence

    Be confident in your purchase with my 100% satisfaction guarantee. I will work with you until you are 100% satifsfied with your tech resume.

  • Delivered Even More

    He took my email resume to the next level. I decided to go with his highest package, and he delivered even more with helpful tips on what recruiters are looking for my experience at the moment. I Highly recommend his services.

  • True Professional

    The experience of working with Ivan was what I needed during a very crucial point in my life. At the time of writing, I am in the process of switching careers. Hiring Ivan has made that process much easier, I would recommend him to anyone who needs a true professional that will not only stay true to his word, but exceed it.

  • Excellent Service

    Excellent service! I have no prior tech experience basically self taught and Ivan came through! Thank you for your service, you have no idea how much you're helping me!


What happens after I purchase your Tech Resume Package?

You will sent to an online portal to fill out a questionaire and go through the onboarding process. In my client portal, you will be able to keep track of my progress writing your new tech resume.

Within 2-3 days, I will send you a first draft for you to review. I will make any revisions to the final version of your IT resume.

Do you write web developer tech resumes?

Yes, I do write entry-level web developer tech resumes.

If you are a self-taught web developer or coding bootcamp graduate, I will write you an interview-generating tech resume.

How will I be able to communicate with you?

You will be able to communicate me via email. I will be able to update you on the status of your resume and message you if I need additional information about your resume.

How long before I receive my new tech resume?

Once I receive your questionaire, you should have your new tech resume within 3 to 5 days.

What type of developers do you work with?

I write tech resumes for email developers only.

Do you work with self-taught developers?

As a self-taught developer, I know the challenges you will face landing your first tech job.

I will create a tech resume that will help you overcome those challenges as long as you have a decent portfolio.

I'm coming from another field into tech. Can you help?

I worked as a PC technician before I landed my first web developer job.

I know how to showcase your non-tech experience to recruiters to help you get into the industry.

I graduated from a coding boot-camp and can't find a job.

I've worked with many coding boot-camp graduates who needed to spruce up their email developer tech resume to jumpstart their tech job search to land an email developer role.

Yes, I can help you get better results in your tech job search.

How can you help me when you are a working developer?

I write tech resumes after I get off of work as an Email Developer, during my non-working hours.

Why are your prices so low?

Unlike other resume writing companies, I do all of the work myself so I don't need to overcharge my customers.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee by DevResumeWriter.com

Buy With 100% Confidence

If you don’t like the product I deliver, I will revise it upon your request. The standard revision period is 24 hours. Please, check the resume once you receive it and tell me what aspects you want me to improve.